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Phone: 231.347.2396

What do I do if I have found a dog or cat? +
You need to contact Animal Control at 911. The officer will either pick up the animal or direct you to take it to the stray center, which is the Bay Area Pet Resort. It is important that all found animals are taken to this facility to aid in the return with their owner. It is also important that this is done immediately. In Emmet County, if you keep an animal for more than seven days it is considered yours. The county will no longer accept responsibility for the animal.
What and where is the stray center? +
The stray center is the facility where found animals are taken. In Emmet County, this is a contract that is bid on and awarded every five years. Currently, the Bay Area Pet Resort is our county's stray center. It is located on US 31 toward Charlevoix. Bay Area Pet Resort shares a parking lot with Jensen's Animal Hospital. Bay Area Pet Resort can be reached at 231.348.5550.
Where do LTBHS animals come from? +
We accept owner-surrendered animals, strays that have not been claimed from the Emmet County Stray Center, animals from other humane societies that euthanize, and animals from rescue groups.
What does “NO-KILL” mean? +
To us, "no-kill" means no animal will be euthanized for lack of space. We keep all of the animals in our care until they find a home. However, if an animal is severely ill, aggressive, or in severe pain, we will euthanize, but only with a veterinarian's recommendation.
What do I do if I know of an animal being abused or neglected? +
You need to call Animal Control. In Emmet County, the Animal Control Office is part of the Sheriff's Department. A message can be left for Emmet County Animal Control Officer at 231.487.1246 ext. 2400. Little Traverse Bay Humane Society does not handle abuse or neglect issues. Once the issues are resolved, we will take the animal into our shelter to be adopted.
How to I arrange to get my dog spayed? +
Call us at 231.347.2396.

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