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Good Samaritan Fund

The Michael G. Phillips Good Samaritan Fund is especially important as it provides for emergency medical care. As you can imagine, emergency health care situations are always critical and often expensive.

The Michael G. Phillips Good Samaritan fund is designed to help us care for all of the special needs of shelter dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. In addition to funding crucial medical procedures and tests, the fund helps us purchase foods for specific dietary needs and obtain medications.

Howard photo legHoward's story is one example of how beneficial the Michael G. Phillips Good Samaritan Fund really is.  LTBHS was closing up for the day and staff was nearly ready to go home when a man walked through the door with a cat carrier. The man told us he had just moved into a new home and noticed a cat was hanging around. Not thinking much of it, he let the cat be until one day he noticed the animal seemed to be hurt and in pain. Worried for the animal’s safety, he brought him to LTBHS where we immediately agreed that this cat needed to be seen right away. After a visit to our local veterinarian, it was determined that Howard, as we were now calling the sweet orange cat, had a fractured back leg. Sadly his injury, which was likely from being hit by a car, was beyond repair.

With our veterinarian’s recommendation, Howard underwent surgery to amputate his fractured leg. Despite this, we knew with Howard’s sweet personality and big spirit, he’d be able to overcome this challenge.  This surgery was quite expensive and ended up costing $1,000, which is where our Good Samaritan Fund comes into play.  Because of this fund, we are able to treat animals like Howard who have high medical expenses.

You are truly a Good Samaritan to our most disadvantaged animals when you donate to this fund! Please help us help shelter animals recover from health problems and live the lives they deserve - in loving, safe, forever homes.