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Rochelle BallBecause everyone loves a well-behaved dog, Little Traverse Bay Humane Society developed the Mutts With Manners program.

Under the guidance of world renowned dog behaviorist, Brenda Aloff of Heaven on Arf, LTBHS staff are taught to use the same methods to train every dog consistently. This approach provides shelter dogs with a great start in basic obedience and minimizes undesirable behaviors.

Mutts With Manners is especially important because it provides shelter animals the opportunity to benefit from intense one-on-one time with staff. This program is invaluable because it addresses many of the behaviors that may make an animal unattractive to a potential adopter. Whether it’s dominance, separation anxiety, resource guarding, etc., the Mutts With Manners program helps shelter dogs put bad behavior behind them and put their best paw forward toward a forever home.

Please help us continue help our shelter dogs put their "best paw forward" by making a donation to support this important training program.  To donate, please CLICK HERE or  Print a donation form and mail it with your check or credit card information

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This project has been supported by a grant
from PEDIGREE Foundation.

BulletIt’s a sad statistic: 75% of shelters nationwide euthanize pit bulls entering their facility without ever giving them the chance to be adopted.

Little Traverse Bay Humane Society has created The Pit Stop program to help with this problem. Anyone who owns a pit bull or pit mix simply has to visit the shelter, fill out a voucher, and make an appointment at Little Traverse Bay Humane Society. At no charge to the owner, the dog will be sterilized, micro-chipped and vaccinated for rabies.  This is truly a life-saving program and we hope that pit bull or pit bull mix owners in Emmet County will take advantage of this program to help reduce the number of pits that end up in shelters or worse, get euthanized.

Please help us continue make a difference in the lives of pit bull and pit bull mixes by making a donation to support this important program.  To donate, please CLICK HERE or Print a donation form and mail it with your check or credit card information

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If you would like to adopt an animal, please explore the two options below to complete our adoption application. Applications are reviewed in the order in which they are received. Shelter staff will try to respond to your application as quickly as possible. 

Electronic Application: 

  1. Go to the profile of the animal you are intersted in adopting;
  2. Click the orange 'Interested in this animal? Click here!' button;
  3. You will be directed to the Petango site where you'll be prompted to enter your name/email;
  4. You will then fill out the Petango online application which will be sent to the LTBHS shelter staff to review. 


Hard copy: 

You will need Adobe Reader XI to complete the online forms. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you may use this link to download the free reader:http://www.adobe.com/products/reader.html

Cat--Adoption Application

Dog--Adoption Application


Save application, print/fill out, and either email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), fax (231) 347-1243 or drop off at the shelter at 1300 W. Conway Rd., Harbor Springs.  


Getting off on the right “paw” with a new family can make or break a successful adoption.

Realizing that training is a wonderful way to bond and learn to communicate at both ends of the leash, the Ruff-to-Ready Scholarship Program was created to allow each shelter dog the opportunity to attend a basic obedience class with his/her new owner and a LTBHS dog trainer. The scholarship covers the cost for each dog to participate, which is approximately $100.

The program was created in honor of Jack Ready, a former LTBHS board member, who passed away in 2010. Jack and his wife, Mary, had a wonderful experience training Jane, a shelter dog, and celebrated with us when she was adopted and thriving in her new home because of her training. The Ready family felt it was extremely important to extend this opportunity to all the dogs at the shelter. 

As stewards for homeless animals, we feel it is our obligation to give them every opportunity to succeed, and there is no doubt this program is beneficial to many: LTBHS, new families, and most importantly, the dogs who have now found their forever homes.

Please help us continue to offer this important service to the many dogs who come through our shelter.  To donate, please CLICK HERE or Print a donation form and mail it with your check or credit card information

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