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The staff at LTBHS has noticed an increase in the population of pit bull mix dogs that need to come into the shelter. An increase in any breed is a struggle but frankly, the fact that more and more pit bull mixes are in need of our services is just plain disheartening. There are a few obvious reasons for this. One, more and more insurance companies are denying homeowners insurance when that particular breed of dog resides in the home, or will insure the home but will not insure anything that happens involving the pit bull. Also, rental units will very rarely allow this mix due to the bad reputation that has developed. Not surprisingly, shelters are called or the animal is just abandoned because there is no place to go.  Rocky_and_Al

Another discouraging fact is that the num­ber of pit bull mixes will seemingly increase as shelters and responsible pet owners will continue to sterilize animals while the demographic of people who own pit bulls and pit bull mixes will not. The cute, fluffy puppy that was neutered at the shelter and adopted Rebel_Rebinto a home will not reproduce, while the typical mentality of a pit bull owner is “this is too good of dog to neuter”. It is especially sad because when a shelter has to decide which animals are less adoptable and most likely to be put to sleep, the pit bull and pit bull mixes are the first to go. “It is estimated that up to 200 pit bulls are euthanized every day in Los Angeles County, California. This is just one county, imagine the number across the United States” (PitBull Rescue Central).

Raja_and_BrunoNot only do the pitties have a bad reputa­tion and low numbers of sterilization, they also have a stubborn personality which makes obedience train­ing for the average pet owner rather difficult. The breed tends to have a high prey drive which is why they get such a bad rap. Sometimes the small dog or cat running by is just too much for them and the end result is heartbreaking. Fortunately, dog trainers like Cesar Milan have specialized in training the bully breeds and have found them to be very loving, loyal and obedient. For sure, it is not an easy task, however, with good management skills, exercise, leadership and positive training methods there is a wonder­ful pet underneath the tough exterior just waiting for the opportunity to be a lifelong companion.



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