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Everyone needs a "Champ"ion.

For the past 14 years, I have seen and rescued countless animals in my role as Executive Director of Little Traverse Bay Humane Society in Harbor Springs, Michigan. Little Traverse Bay Humane Society is a donor-funded, non-profit corporation that offers a temporary home to companion animals. As a no-kill shelter, our mission is to offer a warm shelter, veterinary services, and personal attention to all the animals in our care, as well as proactive methods to control pet overpopulation. Little Traverse Bay Humane Society is also committed to educating the public about the humane treatment of companion animals.

deter_champ_resizedWhile many stories personally resonate with me over the years, Champ’s story perfectly illustrates not only my commitment to our mission, but the commitment of everyone at the shelter. Champ was a nine-year-old German Shepherd given up the by the only family he had ever known. Frankly, I’m glad he was surrendered because he spent his whole life tied to a chain. He was never allowed inside the house or taught any social skills.

When Champ arrived at Little Traverse Bay Humane Society, he was covered with open sores from a skin infection and swollen ears from food allergies. His ears were also raw either from fly infestation or frostbite. I personally shaved his fur down to allow air to reach his sores and bathed him to start his healing process. We took him to the Pellston Veterinary Clinic immediately to have him treated and neutered. Unfortunately, Champ became extremely sick because his immune system was so suppressed by all of his conditions. But we didn’t give up on him. We treated him with antibiotics, fluids and a nutritious diet. We all took care of Champ until he got well. In our minds, we did not have an option. And that is true for any animal who comes through our doors. Every animal is neutered, vaccinated, groomed, trained, exercised and loved unconditionally until a permanent, caring home can be found.

After two weeks with us, Champ had gained 13 pounds. His ears looked beautiful, his sores had all healed and his coat was growing back. Best of all, two weeks after he was surrendered, Champ found the happy ending he had been waiting for his whole life - a forever home. His new owner was thrilled to have found him and we were even more thrilled for Champ who was given a true second chance.

Champ's story is just one of many that occur daily at Little Traverse Bay Humane Society illustrating our commitment to every animal who walks through our doors. Our staff and board of directors are dedicated animal lovers who work tirelessly to improve the lives of our four-legged friends. Our priority is to care for the animals, like Champ, who need us the most. And we are committed to giving each of them our best effort and a safe haven that is filled with love until they find their forever homes.

Because Little Traverse Bay Humane Society is 100 percent donor funded, donations are crucial to ensuring that every animal who comes through our doors receives this exceptional care. Please donate generously to help animals like Champ get the second chance they deserve.

Little Traverse Bay Humane Society was designed to make our shelter animals comfortable, healthy and calm while they wait to find their forever homes.

Our facility provides shelter to more than 40 cats and 20 dogs at a time. The building has radiant heat for warm, dry floors and a high efficient ventilation system. While in our care, dogs enjoy outdoor exercise in our kennels and play yards, where they can dig and run through the woods. Their indoor kennels are roomy and well lit. Our “kitty condos” provide cats with room to stretch and sleep. Cats also enjoy free range throughout the shelter. On a daily basis, visitors can see cats curled up on beds and shelves or lying on windowsills. Prior to adoption, all animals are sterilized, vaccinated, treated for fleas, and fed a nutritious diet. Dogs are also heartworm tested and micro-chipped.

Our community-based spay/neuter program puts LTBHS in the position to help other traditional, kill shelters by rescuing animals and giving them a true second chance. In fact, our volunteers travel throughout the country to meet rescue groups. For years we have had an agreement with our county facility in which we take 100-percent of their adoptable dogs.

With more than 500 adoptions a year, consider for a moment what would happen if we weren’t here to offer homeless animals a safe place to stay while they await their forever homes. Now think about the many animals your tax-deductible donations help to vaccinate, groom, feed, house and love!

Please ensure that every animal who comes through our doors receives exceptional care. Become a member of the Little Traverse Bay Humane Society today.

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"Thank you so much for putting Dillan in my path that day. I can't imagine what I would do without him. He is my world. When people tell me how nice it was of me to rescue Dilly, I tell them it was nice of him to rescue me. I wish more people would give these rescue dogs a chance, all they need is love."

Linda Penn Davies


"Just wanted to tell you all what a great job you do. Jodi and I have 5 pets between us and they all came from you! They are all doing well. Thank you!"

Marie Skrobak


"Horton is wonderful and loves me as I love him!! I'm so glad we found each other at your fabulous 'place for animals'."

Cathie Pollack



Linda Penn Davies & Dillan


"At your Howl at the Moon event, we won the progressive dinner. WOW! We had such a fantastic time! Thank you for
your excellent job setting everything up! Hats off to you!"

Carol and W. G. Giles



Hours: By appointment only

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