2022 Annual Meeting Minutes and LTBHS Board Bios

Joelle Drader WilcoxUp for election: Joelle Drader Wilcox

Joelle has lived in Petoskey with husband Dan and their three children since 2001. She grew up in Northern Indiana and moved to Michigan to attend Albion College and then Wayne State University School of Medicine. Although beginning her professional career as a physician, she went back to school later in life to become a Professional Counselor. She currently serves as the Counseling and Advocacy Program Director for the Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan. In 2011 she fell in love with her first rescue dog Lucky and LTBHS at the same time! Current animal family members include dog, Bruno, and Patrick the pony who spends his time at Northern Michigan Equine Therapy.


Little Traverse Bay Humane Society

Annual Members Meeting

June 29, 2022


Call to order, 6:30 p.m. 

Board Members present: Gayle Mroczkowski; President, Lori Jodar; Vice President, Gordon Ford; Secretary, Bill McKinley; Treasurer, Peter Bridges, Rick Bolton, Joelle Drader-Wilcox, and Becky Philipp-Kranig.

Staff present: Executive Director, Danielle Blasko, Director of Operations, Elise Ramsey, Events Coordinator, Teresa Chaney, Shelter and Behavior Manager, Sarah Schertel, Donor Administrator, Beverly Ironside, Clinic Director, Jen Juilleret, Executive Assistant, Brandon Schadler, Director of Administration, Lisa Hopkins, Animal Care Attendant, Madisyn Glenn, Shelter Operations Manager, Sean Dempsey, Client Services Manager, Katlyn Gibbons, Shelter and Community Medicine Veterinarian, Dr. Gildersleeve, Lead Veterinarian, Dr. Zubricky, Communication and Marketing Coordinator, Jessica Evans.

Others present: Helen and Graham Hagey and Lynette and Joel Carroll.

President’s welcome and call to order: President Gayle Mroczkowski thanked everyone for attending and called the meeting to order at 6:35.

Confirmation of Quorum: President Mroczkowski asked members of LTBHS present who had not previously voted to raise their voting card. President Mroczkowski asked the Secretary, Gordon Ford, if a quorum was present. Gordon replied that by our bylaws we had a quorum. We had two members present voting in person and 205 members by proxy. Per our bylaws, we needed 69 members present in person or by proxy, and we exceeded that number. We had 197 members  present by proxy.

Approval of the Minutes from the Annual Meeting of Members held on June 23, 2021: President Gayle Mroczkowski then requested that the minutes of the Annual Meeting 2021 be approved as presented. Motion to approve the minutes was made by Becky Phillip-Kranig and supported by Rick Bolton. No discussion. All ayes, Motion carried.

Election of Directors: President Mroczkowski then named the slate of candidates to the Board of Directors with terms as follows:

-Gayle Mroczkowski for the term of 2022-2025.

No other nominations were submitted.

Motion was made to re-elect Gayle Mroczkowski to the Board of Directors for the term 2022-2025 by Bill McKinley and seconded by Gordon Ford. Motion carried.

President’s Report: Gayle Mroczkowski discussed returning to a normal working environment post-COVID-19 and also the return to an in-person Howl at the Moon for 2021. She discussed upcoming plans for 2022 Howl at the Moon and 2023 Rock Out for Rescue.  Lastly, she reviewed some of the new talent acquisition from the year prior to include Director of Operations, Elise Ramsey, and Shelter and Behavior Manager, Sarah Schertel.

Financial Overview: Treasurer, Bill McKinley, reported on 2021 in regard to the organization’s income statement, summary operations data, summary balance sheet and investment portfolio.

Overview of the past year: Executive Director, Danielle Blasko, gave a summary of 2021 which included the total number of rescued animals (474 in total), number of adoptions (497), and the number of animals who went through the Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Program (732).  Danielle also discussed the organization’s transport program including the involvement of LTBHS in an over-breeding situation in the Traverse City area.  She went on to give an update on the new Intake Facility and when the building would open.  Danielle discussed how the shelter was taking in more at-risk animals than ever before including more heartworm-positive dogs and those with other health issues.  Lastly, she informed everyone of upcoming events, including Howl at the Moon and Rock Out for Rescue, which will be back in person for the first time in three years.

Danielle thanked everyone for attending the meeting.  President Gayle Mroczkowski then thanked Danielle, staff, and members and proceeded to open the floor for comments/questions.  Gayle asked for a motion to adjourn.  Bill McKinley made the motion and was seconded by Gordon Ford.  All were in favor and the meeting was adjourned at 7:25 p.m.