DotWhen you meet Dot, one of the first things you notice is her contagious smile. It spreads from ear to ear and it’s hard not to smile watching her dance around, wiggling from head to toe. She is thrilled just to be outside with someone who is spending time with her. Without a doubt, Dot is likely one of the happiest and sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet.

Dot’s history is unknown—sadly, she was found wandering the streets with nowhere to go before she arrived at LTBHS. Here, we immediately made sure she had plenty of good food, a soft, cozy bed and plenty of love. She was also given a thorough medical exam, which is when we discovered that Dot, who is thought to be eight or nine years old, had a tumor on her thyroid.

Tests were done on the tumor, and the results came back inconclusive. In short, this means we can’t conclude if the tumor is benign or cancerous. There’s a good chance that the tumor is benign and that Dot is perfectly healthy. However, there’s just as great of a possibility that the tumor is cancerous and that she might not have much time left. We cannot guarantee what her future is.
One thing we do know, however, is that we’re determined to help Dot find a loving family for the time she does have left—whether that’s six months or six years. Dot would be great family pet. She loves children and gets along well with other dogs. Dot knows her manners and basic commands and is crate trained. She enjoys being outdoors, going for walks and spending time with anyone who will give her attention.

We are hoping to find a special family who will open their hearts and home to this loving girl and give her the gift she so greatly deserves—a forever home. Could it be yours?
If you’re interested in opening your home to Dot, please contact us at 231-347-2396 to set up a time to visit with her to see just how sweet this girl really is.