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A Little Dog With a Big Spirit

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When Aimee, a one-year-old Shih-Tzu mix, arrived at LTBHS in early January in a cardboard box, we knew she was a fighter. Rescued from a home where she was severely abused and neglected, this adorable little girl didn’t give up.

Thanks to the generous support of our amazing community of animal lovers, we didn’t give up on her either.

Aimee recoveryAs soon as she got here, it was evident that something was seriously wrong with her back leg. Two days later, she stopped using her front leg on the same side. But whenever any of us approached her kennel, this one-year-old, six pound victim of terrible abuse and neglect tried to stand up, her tail wagging the whole time. Despite everything she’d been through she somehow amazingly trusted us.

Thanks to our generous donors, she had surgery to repair a broken femur in her rear leg. Her front leg, which was severely bruised, also healed and this little dog with the big spirit made a full recovery. Even more, a wonderful family has promised to love her forever. We couldn’t have asked for a happier ending!

Because Little Traverse Bay Humane Society is 100 percent donor funded, our members and events are crucial to ensuring that every animal who comes through our doors receives the exceptional care Aimee did. 

Every day, we come to work with a unified purpose – to care for the animals who call Little Traverse Bay Humane Society their temporary home. No animal wants to end up in a shelter, but as we look into their eyes every day, we know they are grateful to have this chance to start over. Knowing there are so many more of them out there, we sleep, eat and breathe the question, “What we can do to save the lives of more homeless cats and dogs?”

Saving their lives is at the heart of everything we do. These furry friends who arrive scared, injured, neglected or abused are the ones we have dedicated our lives to saving. Through no fault of their own, these unwanted dogs and cats have found themselves homeless.

They are the reason that we are here 365 days a year regardless of the day, the time or the weather. They are the reason we host events, write grants and send out mailings asking for support.

In addition to caring for the animals at the shelter, we care for the animals in our community through a number of community-based programs including our Low-Cost Spay/Neuter and Pit Stop Programs both aimed at reducing overpopulation, and our new specialized training and behavioral modification program tailored to help dogs put their best paw forward.

At Little Traverse Bay Humane Society, our motto is “True Love is Rescued.” Thanks to the support of our members, the success of our events and everyone who participates, we are rescuing animals who would not have a second chance if we were not here. Each time an animal gets adopted or an animal benefits from one of our community-based programs, we have reason to celebrate. And every animal who is rescued and lives happily ever after is a part of not only our legacy, but the legacy of every person who supports Little Traverse Bay Humane Society. Because of you, lives are being saved and miracles are happening here every day!