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All for a Very Special Lady...

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Each morning when we arrive at work, none of us really know what the day will bring. Of course there will be dogs to be let out and played with, kitty condos to clean and potential adopters to greet, but beyond that, nothing can prepare us for who or what will come through our doors. This is exactly what happened yesterday.


Lady was in very poor shape when she first arrived at LTBHS.

When Lady, an eight year old miniature Yorkie, arrived at LTBHS, we were all shocked at the sight of her. Lady’s fur hung in clumps, matted around her face and eyes, making it difficult for her to see. The tangled fur pulled at her skin, which was likely very painful. It was apparent her nails had not been clipped in a long time, as they were long and mangled. She was also very skinny and extremely dehydrated and in need of fluids.

To make Lady more comfortable, we shaved all the dirty, matted fur off her body. This seemed to make an immediate difference not only in her appearance but also in her demeanor. It was as if Lady seemed to know we were trying to help her and seemed visibly relieved when her skin was finally free of the heavy, tangled mess that weighed her down. She was then bathed and emerged looking like a new dog!

lady small
Clean and groomed, Lady looks and feels so much better!

Sadly, Lady’s owner was no longer able to care for her since she was going into an assisted living facility and there were no family members to take her. This, unfortunately, isn’t a unique case. We frequently receive animals whose owners are unable to care for them for one reason or another. However, it takes just one look at Lady’s sweet face to know what we do every day at LTBHS is important. We are dedicated to giving Lady all the love and care she needs until she finds a new forever home. This is a promise we make to all of the animals at LTBHS, however, we couldn’t do this without our generous community of donors and members! Thank you for helping us give these animals a second chance-we believe they all deserve one!

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