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Dynamic Duos, Amazing Adoptions

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While we hope that all of our shelter residents find loving homes right away (and the majority of them do), some are here much longer than others. Regardless of this, shelter animals have a home at Little Traverse Bay Humane Society as long as it takes them to find their forever family.

Cats, in particular, sometimes take a little longer to find the right home. Over the years, there are a few that have stuck around and become somewhat permanent fixtures here at the shelter. These cats have all won a place in our hearts and we’ve enjoyed getting to know their quirky personalities and seeing their expectant faces each morning.
Recently, however, we’ve had a number of surprising adoptions which we couldn’t be more thrilled about! A number of our longtime shelter residents found their forever homes, and in many cases, were adopted out with another shelter cat. It may have taken them awhile, but we know it was worth the wait. We’re so happy that these dynamic duos found loving families together.

Eden and Ellen2Eden and Ellen
These two sisters arrived at LTBHS as kittens and were here several months as they grew into teenagers. Eden and Ellen were inseparable and where one was, the other wasn’t far away. They could often be seen curled up together in the kitty beds and cat condos. We were hopeful that they’d be adopted together, and recently, they were! We are so happy that these sweet sisters were able to stay together.


Shadow and Norma
11 year old Shadow had been with us since he was very young, and while the handsome long-haired, black cat was friendly, he didn’t beg for attention and was content to sleep in his bed in the lobby most of the day. We assumed Shadow would be with us for the rest of his life, and while that was fine, we never lost hope that he might find the perfect family to call his own someday. Recently, Shadow was given this opportunity, and he even found a home with shelter kitten, Norma! We are so happy that these two have each other to play and cuddle with, and after all this time, Shadow has been given the chance he deserves.

Sammy and Juniper
If there was ever an odd couple, Sammy and Juniper would be it. Sammy was extremely depressed after she arrived at the shelter and not surprisingly, took her bad mood out on other shelter residents and staff. As the months passed, Sammy slowly became more social, but we think that perhaps it was Juniper, who arrived here as a tiny kitten, who changed Sammy’s mood completely. Juniper was a special needs kitten and somehow Sammy seemed to realize this and took Juniper under her wing. This odd pair quickly became best buddies and would often be seen snuggling together. We were thrilled when this dynamic duo was recently adopted to the same family!

Rosie and Digi
Rosie, a longtime shelter resident, had been here since she arrived at LTBHS eight years ago as a kitten. This big girl was somewhat shy which led most of us to assume she would spend the rest of her life here. What typically takes most cats a few weeks or maybe months took Rosie eight years, but amazingly, she finally found the right family. She was also adopted with another cat, Digi, who had been at the shelter for several months. We’re so happy for these two girls and know they will have a great life together!

Every day, we work toward achieving our mission to offer warm shelter, veterinary services, and personal attention to all the animals in our care, as well as proactive methods to control pet overpopulation. It is stories like Rosie and Shadow that motivate us to continue our efforts to make sure every animal who comes through our doors finds a loving, caring home, no matter how long it takes.