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Exceptional Members Make Exceptional Care Possible

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It’s been an amazing year here at Little Traverse Bay Humane Society. Thanks to the support of our generous members, more than 364 animals have found forever homes since January!

On average, we care for 40 to 50 animals everyday. In correlation with our increasing adoption rates, many animals are requiring greater care before being ready for adoption. While some arrive at Little Traverse Bay Humane Society healthy and ready to go “home” immediately, many are arriving with diseases like heartworm or injuries as a result of abuse or neglect. We have also embraced a number of cats and dogs so malnourished that they looked as though they were just skin and bones when they arrived.

Brewster1One recent rescue particularly captured our hearts. Brewster, a four-year-old purebred chocolate lab from another shelter was slated for euthanization because he was blind. Thanks to the generous support of our community of animal lovers, we not only saved this sweet boy’s life, we were also able to send him down to a dog ophthalmologist. While our hopes were high for Brewster’s recovery, the unfortunate reality is that he is already completely blind in one eye and his other eye is not far behind. Despite our best efforts, nothing can be done to reverse his condition. His prognosis has made us all the more determined to find him a loving, forever home.

We don’t give up on an animal because of a disease, an injury or a physical challenge like blindness. What many people don’t realize, however, is that the average cost to prepare these animals for adoption ranges from $600 to more than $1,000. Because our shelter is 100 percent donor funded, we work tirelessly to raise crucial funds to ensure that every animal who comes through our doors receives exceptional care. Animals like Brewster are alive, safe, warm, receiving medical care and eating nutritious food because of our members. Their support gives every deserving animal in our shelter a true second chance.

At Little Traverse Bay Humane Society, our motto is “True Love is Rescued.” Brewster's story is just one of many that occur daily that illustrates our commitment to every animal who walks through our doors. Because of the support of our members, we are rescuing animals who would not have a second chance if we were not here. Every staff and board member is dedicated to giving each animal our best effort and a safe haven that is filled with love until they find their forever homes.

Will you help us save the lives of the animals who need us most? Please click here to become a Little Traverse Bay Humane Society Member today.