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February is National Prevent a Litter Month

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kittens10Spring at Little Traverse Bay Humane Society means one thing: kittens.  Starting around March, LTBHS becomes inundated by kittens of all shapes, colors and sizes. The kittens at LTBHS are fortunate, because they are given a warm bed, good food, veterinary care and all the love and attention they need.  Though we are always successful in finding these cuddly kittens loving, forever homes, not all others are this lucky.  Many unwanted litters end up in shelters only to be euthanized due to lack of space.  Others end up on the street and are constantly in search of food and living in fear of predators. 

In theory, a female cat and her offspring can produce up to 420,000 cats in a seven year period.  On average, a female cat produces three to four litters per year and each litter typically has between four to six kittens.  As one can imagine, these numbers add up over the years and it’s easy to see how plausible it is to have 420,000 cats after only seven years.  The sad statistic is that only one in 12 of these 420,000 cats will find homes.

This February, however, responsible pet owners can make a difference in altering these statistics.  February is National Prevent a Litter Month and responsible pet owners can help prevent thousands of unwanted animals from ending up in shelters just by spaying or neutering their furry friend. 

At Little Traverse Bay Humane Society we offer our Low-Cost Spay and Neuter Program, which makes it easy and cost efficient to prevent countless litters.  Individuals are invited visit LTBHS where they will receive a voucher to get their pet altered at Pellston Animal Clinic.  All pet vaccines must be current, and if not, Pellston Clinic will administer the vaccinations at a reduced rate. 

As much as we enjoy cuddling with all the adorable kittens that come through our doors, our goals is to prevent as many litters as possible. 

With the LTBHS Low-Cost Spay and Neuter Program, it’s easy and cost effective to prevent a litter this spring.  ­­­­­Ultimately, it will prevent thousands of unwanted animals from being abandoned in shelters. 

For more information on the LTBHS Low-Cost Spay and Neuter Program and for a complete list of prices, call 231-347-2396 or go to www.ltbhs.com/programs-services/low-cost-spay-a-neuter-program