Ruff-to-Ready Scholarship Program

Getting off on the right “paw” with a new family can make or break a successful adoption.

Realizing that training is a wonderful way to bond and learn to communicate at both ends of the leash, the Ruff-to-Ready Scholarship Program was created to allow each shelter dog the opportunity to attend a basic obedience class with his/her new owner and LTBHS Training and Behavior Specialist, Sarah Schertel. The scholarship covers the cost for each dog to participate, which is approximately $100.

The program was created in honor of Jack Ready, a former LTBHS board member, who passed away in 2010. Jack and his wife, Mary, had a wonderful experience training Jane, a shelter dog, and celebrated with us when she was adopted and thriving in her new home because of her training. The Ready family felt it was extremely important to extend this opportunity to all the dogs at the shelter.

As stewards for homeless animals, we feel it is our obligation to give them every opportunity to succeed, and there is no doubt this program is beneficial to many: LTBHS, new families, and most importantly, the dogs who have now found their forever homes.

Please help us continue to offer this important service to the many dogs who come through our shelter.  To donate, please CLICK HERE.

Jack Ready dog and plane
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Generously funded in part by the Banfield Foundation.