Michael G. Phillips Good Samaritan Fund

The Michael G. Phillips Good Samaritan Fund is especially important as it provides for emergency care for animal that arrive with extensive medical conditions. As you can imagine, emergency health care situations are always critical and often expensive.  The Michael G. Phillips Good Samaritan fund is designed to help us care for all of the special needs of shelter dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. In addition to funding crucial medical procedures and tests, the fund helps us purchase foods for specific dietary needs and obtain medications. Each year, we spend a considerable amount on health-related issues, over $20,000 each year!

Luna, an eight-year-old heartworm-positive Shih Tzu (pictured), is one of the many animals we rescued this past year. Luna was pulled from a puppy mill situation in Louisiana and transported to northern Michigan in search of a new home. Luna was extremely pregnant at the time of her rescue, and soon after arriving, she gave birth to seven puppies. Shortly after they were weaned and adopted, Luna’s health took a turn for the worst, and she immediately began showing signs of heart failure. She was rushed to Little Traverse Bay Veterinary Clinic where she was stabilized, and then placed into a foster home to recover.

Sadly, being a puppy mill dog, Luna was bred continuously with no regard to her health, making recovery much more difficult. However, with a lot of love from her foster family and a weekly checkup with our vet clinic, Luna’s health began to dramatically improve. She’s now finishing heartworm treatment in the comfort of her foster home where she is cared for and loved each day.

It is animals like Luna who need additional medical care.  The Michael G. Phillips Good Samaritan Fund provides just that in order to give Luna and others like her a second chance at life.  To donate to this important fund, please CLICK HERE.

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