Michael G. Phillips Good Samaritan Fund

The Michael G. Phillips Good Samaritan Fund is especially important as it provides for emergency care and behavioral modification for animals that arrive with extensive medical/behavioral conditions. As you can imagine, emergency health care situations are always critical and often expensive.  The Michael G. Phillips Good Samaritan fund is designed to help us care for all of the special needs of shelter dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. In addition to funding crucial medical procedures and tests, the fund helps us purchase foods for specific dietary needs and obtain medications. Each year, we spend a considerable amount on health-related issues, over $20,000 each year!

In the past year, we’ve taken in over 20 heartworm positive dogs. Sadly, heartworm positive dogs are often euthanized in shelters as this is a very costly and time-consuming disease to treat.  We are grateful to be able to offer care to these dogs like Sadie, pictured, who all deserve a second chance at a loving home.  Sadie arrived at our shelter with mammary tumors, a skin condition, and heartworms.  Heartworm treatment costs upwards of $1,000 per dog (which doesn’t include any other medical issues we may need to address or basic vaccines and care).  Thankfully, the Michael G. Phillips Good Samaritan Fund helps to cover these unexpected medical costs.

It is animals like Sadie who need additional medical care.  The Michael G. Phillips Good Samaritan Fund provides just that in order to give Sadie and others like her a second chance at life.  To donate to this important fund, please CLICK HERE.