Kurgo Snout 'n About Program

Our Snout ‘n About Field Trip Program was created in Spring 2021, generously sponsored by Kurgo . This program allows our shelter dogs to get out and about in this wonderful community of ours and take a field trip with a volunteer. This not only provides exercise and mental stimulation for the dogs, but it also gives them more exposure to help them get adopted sooner. With all the wonderful, natural trails and fresh water to enjoy in northern Michigan, we know that this program is the perfect fit for our shelter dogs and community!

We are SO very thankful to Kurgo for helping to make this program possible and providing all of the awesome gear (leashes, harnesses, car seat covers, collars, carriers, and more!) for this program!

Interested in knowing more about our Snout ‘n About Field Trip Program or taking a dog on an outing yourself?  Contact us at 231-347-2396.

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