Dental Exams / Cleanings

Little Traverse Bay Veterinary Clinic offers full dental care for your dog or cat, which is a good way to help keep your pet in optimal health. A dental exam includes a thorough examination of your pet’s head and neck, in addition to their gums and teeth. It might be determined that your pet needs a dental cleaning, which can be performed at our clinic. A dental cleaning is a good way to prevent periodontal disease in pets, which can occur as early as three years of age. A dental cleaning not only removes visible tartar from an animal’s teeth, but also bacteria under the gums which eliminates potential sources of infection to the mouth and other organs. It also protects your pet from potential tooth loss and pain.

Signs that your pet might need a dental exam/cleaning include visible plaque and tartar on their teeth, bad breath, drooling, pawing at their mouth, difficulty chewing or loose/missing teeth.

Protect your pet’s oral health by making an appointment today at 231-622-6363.

dental exams