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Does your pet have seasonal allergies?

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Darby 082317Allergies are a problem for many people every autumn, but what about pets? Surprisingly, they can be a real issue for our furry friends, too. When you think allergies, most people assume they come on in the springtime and are gone by summer. Whenever the seasons change, however, is when allergies are most prevalent.

For pets, this can mean a number of things. Unlike people, allergies don’t typically manifest in the form of runny eyes and sneezing. Typically, pet allergies come in the form of uncomfortable itching, which causes animals to excessively lick or scratch at their skin. This can result in secondary infections, which can be painful and cause larger skin issues. Itchy ears from allergens can cause ear infections, which can become a real problem if not properly treated.

The good news is that there are many solutions to bothersome seasonal allergies! The first thing to do if you believe your pet might have allergies is to make an appointment with your veterinarian to figure out if this is the real issue. If it’s determined that allergies are the problem, then your veterinarian can decide on the best route to manage the condition. Some pets may respond well to anti-itch shampoos and antihistamines, but others might require occasional steroids to treat them.

If you think your pet may suffer from seasonal allergies, make an appointment with Little Traverse Bay Veterinary Clinic at 231-622-6363 to have them evaluated.