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Little Traverse Bay Veterinary Clinic will host two October events

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catcatcatOctober is all about our feline friends at Little Traverse Bay Veterinary Clinic! On Tuesday, October 17, LTBVC will host Fix Your Feline, which allows owners to have their cat spayed or neutered and vaccinated for rabies, for only $30 (a $120 value!). Pet owners can also have their pet vaccinated for FRVCP, microchipped and treated for fleas/worms for an additional $30 during the event.

On Saturday, October 28, LTBVC will host a Feline Wellness Day, which will include a brief exam, rabies vaccination, FRVCP vaccination, microchip and flea/worm treatment. This package is available for only $35 (a $160 value!).

Both of these clinics offer important, preventative ways to keep your favorite feline friend happy and healthy. Spaying or neutering is incredibly important for many reasons. First and foremost, it can help them lead a longer, healthier life. Altering your animal can increase their lifespan—in cats, this can be as much as 3-5 years! This is because spayed/neutered animals have a very minimal, to no risk of developing diseases such as prostate, ovarian and testicular cancers, among others. Sterilizing your pet will also probably improve their behavior and reduce the likelihood of spraying and aggression. It will decrease your pet’s desire to roam, as well, which keeps them safe in two ways: one, they will be less likely to be hit by a car and injured/killed and two, they won’t become injured due to a fight with another animal. It also helps control the pet overpopulation, reducing the number of unwanted litters in shelters.

Making sure your pet is vaccinated against rabies and FRVCP is an incredibly important way to keep them healthy, too. Rabies is a highly contagious disease spread through the saliva of infected animals and affects the central nervous system. Common carriers include raccoons, skunks and bats, though it can be present in any mammal. Once symptoms of the disease appear, it is almost always fatal. Thankfully, it can be easily prevented with a rabies vaccine. FRVCP is a vaccine that protects your cat against three potentially deadly airborne viruses and is an easy way to keep them healthy.

To sign up for the Fix Your Feline spay/neuter clinic, call 231-347-2396 and to sign up for the Feline Wellness Day, call 231-622-6363.